Creative production

Annotate creatives and deliver assets on the go

Fast and efficient annotation tools enable creative proofing and production asset delivery from your phone

ADPOINT Mobile: uploading assets

Annotating creatives and asset delivery is easy through ADPOINT new mobile pages. From your phone you can add text annotations and upload assets from your image library or directly from the camera.

Mobile users can browse all available campaigns with access to previews of pdf files, videos, html banners and audio files. In addition, selected campaign information can be view for fast campaign tracking.

The mobile pages offer great advantages for anyone on the go: The real-estate agent can upload a great house shot seconds before deadline and sales reps can annotate or approve assets while working in the field.

How does it work

When opened from a phone, ADPOINT 7.11 automatically delivers branded mobile pages with locale settings directly to the browser on your phone. Access is fast and secure and there are no apps to install and maintain.

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