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Does Self-Service add value to the creative supply chain?
How does it look from the advertisers point of view?

We’re taking a closer look at ADPOINT Self-Service.

Engaging advertisers with compelling Self-Service features is essential for modern media operations. Self-Service goes hand in hand with great customer service.

Online retail shopping and banking are great examples of key services that are available any time and that are simple to use.

So how does Self-Service apply to creative management?

ADPOINTs Self-Service portal

ADPOINT has a wide range of tools to extend Self-Service to advertisers and material providers. Through the advertiser portal, advertisers deliver, view, annotate and approve ad creatives. These services are available for advertisers via a link or to partners like agencies and studios, via a managed login.

Let’s take a closer look at the Self-Service options available:

Campaign tracking

The ADPOINT portal has a full overview of all campaigns belonging to the customer. Digital and print orders are listed with a clear status indication showing orders that need attention. It is a great way to track campaigns and ensure timely delivery.

Creative delivery

Material providers such as advertisers, agencies or studios are the sources of delivering creative content. They do the work of uploading creatives directly to orders. To ensure creatives conform to publisher standards, ADPOINT provides instant feedback on the quality of the creative.

Production orders

For production orders, advertisers benefit from a wide palette of Self-Service options: Production assets like logos, images and graphics get uploaded to the production orders. And features to pick up previous creatives, upload visuals, specifications and add notes complete a full palette of Self-Service tools.

Viewing, annotating and approving creatives

Once production creatives are ready for approval, handy tools like stickers and highlighters are available for annotations. No external software packages or apps are needed – everything is available to the advertiser – even from a mobile phone.

ADPOINT Creative Management

Savings and benefits

But what are the savings and benefits of a Self-Service portal? Time savings are significant when the work of matching creatives to orders have been moved to the customer. 

During upload, customers receive instant feedback on creative quality saving time spent on technical discussions and troubleshooting creatives downstream. 

A lot of time is saved for production orders during the proofing process. Proofs, annotations and notes are readily available for the customer. No version mismatch and no emails and attachments. 

Add to this the vast amount of time saved by customers being able to track their advertising portfolio without having to call a sales rep or a member of the ad ops team. Everything is available in the Self-Service portal. 

And since all aspects of handling the creative are automated by ADPOINT, it is in some cases possible to extend deadlines for some, if not all customers. Extended deadlines are key to many advertisers.

Self-Service time savings

Here is a list of some of the most traditional tasks that are handled via Self-Service in ADPOINT:

  • Creative upload and give quality feedback
  • Tracking campaigns, orders
  • Preparing production orders and pickups
  • Annotating and proofing of production orders
  • Notifications and reminders

As every ADPOINT customer use their own procedures, we do not attempt to indicate how much time can be saved by each Self-Service point. But we’d be happy to work with you to make an estimate of the time that can be saved by your organisation through Self-Service.

Let’s find out how Self-Service works for your team.

How do customers adapt

Over time we have all grown used to Self-Service. And advertisers will embrace Self-Service creative management. over time. Some faster than others. But once you can see that the work you put in to completing your campaign results in shorter lead times and better quality, Self-Service is a must. We estimate that, on average, up to 80% of all creatives can be expected to be delivered through the Self-Service portal. 

Getting started

If you would like to find out more about how Self-Service improves your advertiser experience and how much you can save, please use the contact form to get in touch.

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