Creative production

Connecting ADPOINT to your Ad Server

ADPOINT delivers creatives directly to your Ad Server

Delivering digital creatives directly to your Ad Server has never been easier. ADPOINT connects to Google Ad Manager, Appnexus Xandr and Polar for direct delivery of approved creatives on line-item level. As soon as a creative is approved, it is uploaded to the correct line-item either automatically or through a click on the delivery button. That’s it.

No need to download creatives. No need to maintain a separate login to the AD Server. It is all handled by ADPOINT.

And if the creative is replaced by other systems or operators, a status change or direct message quickly informs ADPOINT operators that something has changed.

Native ads

Native ads, or ads built via templates, are also managed directly from within ADPOINT. Simply fill in the template form, add copy and images and approve it. The native ad is sent to the Ad Server together with the chosen template.

Please note: Some features are subject to availability of required information from the order management system.

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