Digital Campaigns

Creative validation saves the campaign

ADPOINT includes a validation feature to ensure creatives performs correctly in any campaign

In the print world, the “Preflight” metaphor relates to performing a series of tests to ensure the creative – most often a PDF file – conforms to a set of rules put in place to ensure a predictable and consistent result when the ad is printed.

For digital creatives, ADPOINT offers the exact same methodology: Upon upload to ADPOINT,  digital creatives undergo  a series of checks (validations) and the result is outputted in a report which is presented next to the creative inside ADPOINT.

ADPOINT supports a lot of different checks, and new checks are being added all the time. The simpler checks are comparison of physical dimensions (width and height in pixels) as well as file weight (file size in KB/MB). But ADPOINT also goes deeper into the properties of the creative files. Polite loads (where a only portion of a creative is loaded first to quickly render an impression of the file), video encryption formats, audio level thresholds (in Db), no. of requested servers to mention just a few.

Validate any creative type

Instant validation of any kind of digital creative, ensures the creative renders correctly and fits into its assigned space on a website, mobile page or any other spot. ADPOINT also validates video and audio creatives making it a complete tool for any campaign, including videos, radiospots, statics and html ads.

Setting up validation profiles

Validation profiles are maintained inside the ADPOINT Administration Panel. A profile is a collection of checks and it can be as simple or advanced as required.

For each check, ADPOINT can flag either a Warning, an Error or simply report the value. The reporting level depends on the severity of a check. 

If the check fails and this is recognized to prevent the creative from being served correctly, it should be flagged as an error. This could happen where the width and/or height does not match the booked size.

If the check fails but the creative can likely still be served correctly, it may be of use to know there is a potential risk, in which case it can be flagged as a warning. For instance if the number of requested servers exceeds the expected level, this may not be severe to serving the creative but still it does not conform to the profile.

And values can simply also be reported for reference.

Applying the correct profile

A user-friendly setup screen makes it easy to apply the correct validation rule to each creative. If for instance video ads should always be validated using a specific profile, a simple filter can be set up to ensure this. Filters can even distinguish between customer and site specific profiles.

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